Thursday, August 25, 2011

Global Warming Effects

Global warming is not a problem occurred rather it is a problem created.we the people are responsible for this devastating cause.All these developmental issues made today without concerning to global warming effects that help rise in the globalwarming today is the serious matter of Earth`s declination due to the to the global warming.This globally rising problem signifies that we are the one and only Ozone layer detailreason for all the declining lives in this nature i.e.we are responsible for the extinction of all the flora and fauna and even it may be the overwhelming problem for us.

Here the polar bears are fighting for their survival, all the polar ice caps and glaciers are melting,also the ozone layer(the protectective layer for all the creatures) is being depleted, living creatures are losing their habitat,and else problems are being faced by the Mother Earth.All these facts happening are trying to warn us.So we must be thinking of the the solution either to avoid or to compensate these problems.It is because we caused it and we are the one to solve these problem.

Many practices are being held today for this serious crisis by the whole world which shows our implementation.I, also being one of us,thinking i must do what i can,made this site so as i could get you all people the information about the whole world on this problem that are on my approach.I hope i could be the part to save this world from this crisis by bringing awareness through this work.
rise in globalwarming